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Ports of Auckland

Ports of Auckland initially approached us with a brief to shoot a 360 video to help raise awareness around what goes on beyond the infamous red gates along Quay St. After delivering an initial cut, they decided they wanted us to adapt that video and create a 360 VR video that provided more of a storyline for the public to experience at their ‘SeePort’ event over Auckland Anniversary Weekend. Within the story we wanted to highlight the size of the port, the specialist machinery and how much cargo goes in and out of the port every year. We used a custom built dual lens, 360 camera to capture footage, that we then stitched together with special software to create the final 360 footage. For ‘SeePort’ we used two Oculus Rift headsets and designed custom software to automatically play the video when the headset was put on, allowing the display to run all weekend with minimal supervision. One challenge we came across was encouraging viewers to look in all directions while also guiding their view so they experience all of the action. We approached this by centering the action in a forward facing direction and using moving titles to draw the viewer's eye.