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Who doesn’t love a little sausage dog, especially one covered in tomato sauce? With a new line of Hellers sausages on the way, we were called on to direct, illustrate and animate a TVC that would grab the attention of time-poor parents and their hungry kids in a fun way. First we developed three cute sausage characters with a penchant for a little kitchen chaos, each in 3D with 2D elements so we could render them onto packs without the need for re-design.

Then we presented a number of scripts incorporating the company’s brand ambassador, ‘That Guy’. The process of character design and integration into the campaign began with sketches and 2D illustrations, which were then adapted to 3D, textured and lit to slot seamlessly into the kitchen environment.


Client: Hellers Agency: Simpatico and Dow Design Creative: Paul James, Neil McDonald @ Simpatico, Andrew Sparrow @ Dow Design Live Action & Animation Director: Paul James Producer: Tony Leslie