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James Hardie

Federation came to us with the fantastical tale of a house that transforms into a protective robot clad in Linea weatherboards; one ready to battle the elements in order to defend the family inside. But they needed us to bring their script to life. Our creative process began with the development of a strong yet caring robot. Taking inspiration from tin toys of the 1950s, we combined aspects of this design period with the architectural detailing of the modern home to create our robot.

Then we embarked on a hunt for real world elements needed to produce a captivating 30 second spot. Cue plenty of scouting for the ideal home and backdrops. The shoot itself ran very smoothly, with the rain timing its run to perfection, and our young actor, Charlotte, adding just the right amount of charm and curiosity. 

Client: James Hardie Agency: Federation Creative Director: Matt Campbell Art Director: Dave Bolton Copywriter: Bibi Bliekendaal Agency Producer: Peter Mayo Live-Action & Animation Director: Paul James Producer: Tony Leslie Sound: Big Pop & Aotea Youth Orchestra