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A world of difference

Cavalier Bremworth

There aren't many artistic 60" TVCs going round these days, so we were thrilled Federation asked us to help them out. Their brief: to explore the link between carpet and fashion and draw out the unique features of the products.The big challenge from our end was finding a way to wrap three different product stories with contrasting animation styles into one fluid journey.We started the process by casting for the common thread – our talent Ngahuia. Then we designed costumes that were a mix of CGI and real, assembled the crew and booked the studio. Thirty-six cartwheels and half a dozen handstands later we had the footage in the bag.While this was going on our CGI artists were developing the style and pipeline for the animation production. This was an intense and iterative process. Two months and thousands of rendering hours later we had a 60" TVC.We then rolled out three 30" TVCs, three hero images used for everything from point of sale to web, and a bunch of party visuals for the product launch.

Agency: Federation