AT Virtual driver training
Making roads safer

Making roads safer

A Waxeye case study

Although games and experiences have been the mainstay of the VR industry, we've been considering its potential to educate everyday people in a variety of situations for quite some time. It's a curiosity that has led to five VR modules for Auckland Transport that teach learner drivers about common road hazards and road safety.


3D production

Creative treatment

Motion graphics


User experience (UX)

User interface (UI)

Virtual reality

Real life scenarios

Our five VR modules educated students on distractions, intersections, speed, vehicles and restricted tests. We used a combination of digital 3D assets and live recorded 360 video to demonstrate driving concepts from different perspectives, and then asked students to make decisions in different scenarios based on their learnings.

AT Virtual driver training

No distractions

Stylistically, we wanted to sit alongside AT’s brand colours, keeping it bright and simple so that there were no ‘real-life’ distractions for users. After all they needed to keep their eyes on the road!

AT Virtual driver training
AT Virtual driver training
AT Virtual driver training

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