Seducing honey lovers

A Waxeye case study

Seducing honey lovers
Comvita TVC

Seducing Comvita honey lovers with a delicious TVC animation

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After successfully capturing the story of Comvita from heritage to science, we were excited to work with the team at True again to help showcase the nature of Comvita Honey in a 45" film. Starting with a single water droplet, the viewers are taken on a fluid journey through a hyper-realistic natural world where NZ flora and fauna are encapsulated into the Comvita brand story "made by nature".

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Grooming the bee's fur in each segment, tuning the fur settings to change with the light, and ensuring the right wing speed to look natural in flight were all part of our process. Every detail was captured from the way light was both reflected and absorbed by a leaf, to the form of a fern, the sparkle of dew in a spider’s web, and the dance of falling water.