Comvita TVC
Seducing honey lovers

Seducing honey lovers

A Waxeye case study

After successfully capturing the story of Comvita from heritage to science, we were excited to work with the team at True again to help showcase the nature of Comvita Honey in a 45" film. Starting with a single water droplet, the viewers are taken on a fluid journey through a hyper-realistic natural world where NZ flora and fauna are encapsulated into the Comvita brand story "made by nature".


3D production


Creative treatment

Smooth and seamless

The narration relied on a continuously moving camera, which was no small feat! Not only did this require a massive number of CGI assets, but also much creative planning to ensure each story point is captured, timed perfectly, and framed beautifully.

Comvita TVC
Comvita TVC

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