Gallipoli AR app
Bringing the ANZAC story to life

Bringing the ANZAC story to life

A Waxeye case study

Discover the stories of the ANZACs with our interactive and immersive AR app. Our committed team partnered with Nga Toa charitable trust to bring the events of Gallipoli to kiwi classrooms. The app lets students explore what it was like to dig trenches, take cover from enemy fire, and feel the adrenaline rush of battle. Immersive and informative, the Gallipoli app makes history come alive in the classroom or at home.


3D production

Augmented reality

Creative treatment

Digital animation

Digital art direction


Unity development

User experience (UX)

Immersive storytelling

In close collaboration with renowned military historian Christopher Pugsley and Patrick Bronte, our team meticulously documented the historical events leading up to the Gallipoli campaign. Using this as a foundation, we crafted a series of 3D interactive maps, structured in chapter and timeline formats. Each chapter of the maps seamlessly incorporates animation, voiceovers, and text to bring the story to life. Additionally, hot spots placed strategically on the maps provide further information through archival recordings, photographs, and text panels.

Gallipoli AR app

A hit for teachers

With the ability to follow the ships, uncover hidden tunnels, and watch battling soldiers from up close, students can truly transport themselves to a different time and place and connect with historical content. Hotspots allow them to access more detailed information in their own time, uncovering 360-degree models of weapons, audio tracks and historic photos for a more enriching learning experience.

Gallipoli AR app
Gallipoli AR app
Gallipoli AR app
Gallipoli AR app
Gallipoli AR app
Gallipoli AR app

The art in history

Our skilled 3D artists have crafted every element with authenticity, including battlefields, warcraft, soldiers, and weapons. They worked meticulously to ensure every detail was accurate and realistically presented.

Gallipoli AR app

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