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Join the digital revolution

Join the digital revolution

A Waxeye case study

TUANZ is the association for the users of digital technology and connectivity. They help Kiwis make the most of the digital world. In 2021 they launched the Digital Boost Alliance, an initiative with an ambitious goal: to build a high-performing digital Aotearoa. And with a vision like that, they needed a website that showcased the usability, accessibility and simplicity of the online space. They needed to inspire NZ businesses with a clear call to action: join us.


CMS Development

Creative treatment

Digital animation

Front-end development

Graphic design

Information architecture

Responsive website design


User experience (UX)

User interface (UI)

Website design

Website development

Digital Boost Alliance website

Animating an idea

With just a few weeks' lead time, the Digital Boost Alliance needed a clearly branded, easy to use, and mobile responsive website ready for launch. From scratch, our creative team storyboarded the illustrations, plotted the copy and stylised the animations. And our clever developers worked out how to display the content across multiple browsers and different devices before the spike in web traffic.


I was impressed at how the team at Waxeye were able to meet our tight timelines in a very professional manner with an ability to work with imprecise requirements and flexibility. They provided insightful design advice and delivered to our needs on time.

Craig Young, TuaNZ

Digital Boost Alliance website

Room to grow

Our full-package service included the purchasing of domain names, hosting and redirections. We added a flexible CMS so that Digital Boost Alliance can upload Members information, resources and offers, and we styled auto-responses for form submissions. Having this room to grow has allowed Digital Boost Alliance to add searchable, expandable and downloadable resources, and to take charge of where the revolution goes next.

Digital Boost Alliance website
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    Tailwind-based front-end

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    Secure email communication

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    Strapi CMS

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    Domain management

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    Hosting setup

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    Mobile optimization

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