Taking NZ to the world

A Waxeye case study

Taking NZ to the world
EXPO virtual pavillion

Step into Aotearoa New Zealand's Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion from anywhere in the world! Our digital version mirrors the physical building, offering a unique online experience curated by the NZTE Expo team.

Without any waiting time, and no matter their location, visitors can choose to follow the intuitive route through the rooms as if they were walking through the pavilion in Dubai, or adapt their online path by accessing the menu. By putting the journey in the hands of the visitor, their part in the bigger picture – their role as kaitiaki or guardian of nature – is reinforced.

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Rich visual content content is key to our storytelling so we needed to ensure that performance is smooth. We pulled a few magic tricks to circumnavigate most hardware restrictions and browser or connectivity limitations to guarantee a great experience for all visitors. The result is a top performing site that wows with breathtaking visuals and sound at any stage of the story.

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