Mast Academy Marine VR education
Marine Industry Showcase

Marine Industry Showcase

A Waxeye case study

The MAST Academy was established to be a centre of excellence for marine, composite and specialised training, working with learners and employers to ensure a steady supply of skilled and knowledgeable workers for the Marine Sector. MAST approached Waxeye to craft a virtual reality experience to help attract and engage prospective learners, giving them an authentic glimpse into life working in the marine sector as well as the learning pathways to take them there. We created a unique experience that combined simulated content, such as placing the student beneath the waves surrounded by sea life, to filmed 360 footage of actual workplaces and interviews with MAST apprentices.


360 filming

360 rendering

3D production

Creative treatment

Digital animation

Graphic design

Sound design

Unity development

User experience (UX)

Virtual reality

Authentic Immersion

One of the keys to ensuring the engagement of young adults was authenticity. The experience needed to feel like a conversation with their peers rather than an educational sales pitch. To achieve this, we captured 360 stereoscopic footage of real workplace environments and unscripted, candid conversations between apprentices reflecting on their journey to date. The humour and rapport of the interviewees also provided a genuine glimpse into the culture of the workplaces, an important factor for students looking to make the jump into professional life.

Mast Academy Marine VR education
Mast Academy Marine VR education
Mast Academy Marine VR education

Future Proof Framework

To allow for the varying needs of students, we designed an experience framework that allows multiple pathways into the content. One where users embark on a comprehensive industry tour and another where students navigate their own way through the experience. This modular approach also future proofs the experience making it easy for MAST to add more content as new courses and pathways become available.

Mast Academy Marine VR education

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