Motat Projection experience
Journey through our aviation history

Journey through our aviation history

A Waxeye case study

In close collaboration with MOTAT's exhibitions team, mātauranga Māori advisors and artists, we embarked on an exhilarating mission: bringing Aotearoa's aviation history to life in a multi-sensory, immersive projection experience that educates and entertains the whole family.


Digital animation

Te Kōtiu

Te Kōtiu, "swoop" in Māori, embodies the spirit of flight. From the epic 12000km journey of the Kuaka migration to celebrating the growing diversity of the aviation industry; this immersive experience brings history to life. See bold balloonists, pioneer George Bolt, and aviation legends like Jean Batten. It's an inspiring mix of video, animation, storytelling and soundscapes.

Playful Edutainment

Through an elegant fusion of historical content, animation, narration, sound design and the innovative use of aircraft, the floor and a transparent mesh as projection surfaces; we have introduced an exciting new dimension to the aviation hall. The experience is designed to spark the imagination of visitors and take them on a journey through our rich aviation history.

Truely Unique

The the sheer size and scale of the Aviation Hall and the use of it's many majestic aircraft as projection surfaces, make Te Kōtiu a truly unique experience. Taking a little over 7 months to complete, we carefully curated and crated 45 minutes of content into a 12-minute-long experience mapped across four projection surfaces.

Our Sweet Spot

This project marks Waxeye's most significant exhibition endeavour to date, showcasing the our diverse range of creative and production capabilities. This included everything from motion graphics to an historically accurate 3D recreation of Richard Pearse's historic aircraft and the reimagining of his first flight with animation. Our immersive skills also were key to the creative development process, where we used a VR digital twin of the aviation hall to create a simulation of the experience.

Immersion Zone

We opted to project content onto the Aviation Hall's largest aircraft, the Sunderland and the Solent, covering an expansive 11-meter floor area. In addition, we utilized a suspended transparent screen from the ceiling. To elevate this immersive experience, we strategically positioned directional speakers to synchronize surround sound and visuals, infusing the environment with emotion, drama, and atmosphere.

Motat Projection experience

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