Journey through our aviation history

A Waxeye case study

Journey through our aviation history
Motat Projection Experience

Partnering with MOTAT, Māori advisors, and artists, we created Te Kōtiu, an immersive projection experience through Aotearoa's aviation history, from the epic 12000km Kuaka migration to legends like George Bolt and Jean Batten.

Te Kōtiu, meaning "swoop" in Māori, showcases the spirit of flight through vibrant video, animation, storytelling, and soundscapes. We transformed the Aviation Hall by projecting onto the Sunderland, Solent, and a suspended screen, synchronised with directional sound for an emotional and dramatic experience.

Te Kōtiu is a testament to Waxeye's ability to push boundaries and create extraordinary experiences. By merging historical content with cutting-edge technology, we delivered a captivating journey that delights and inspires visitors, celebrating Aotearoa's rich aviation heritage.