NZTE Helicopter MR experience
Solving problems for Kiwi exporters

Solving problems for Kiwi exporters

A Waxeye case study

In the perfect world, New Zealand companies would have a full-sized helicopter to demonstrate products and market themselves overseas. Alas, doing so wouldn’t exactly be cost effective or practical. So we worked alongside New Zealand Trade & Enterprise to solve this problem at the Hai Expo in Atlanta.


3D production

Augmented reality

Mixed reality

Motion graphics

Sound design


Unity development

User experience (UX)

User interface (UI)

Mixed reality magic

We created a mixed reality experience, using off-the-shelf hardware and custom software, that enabled two customers to simultaneously view a virtual helicopter in real space. To minimise the learning curve, we utilised hand tracking technology so the users could easily select various add-ons and services that NZ companies provide, supported by added visual and aural information about the product.

NZTE Helicopter MR experience
NZTE Helicopter MR experience

Distinctly less isolating

Because users could see the real world through the headset, the experience was not as isolating as regular virtual reality, and the virtual models still felt solid and integrated into the real world, unlike the ghost-like qualities of current augmented reality headsets.

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