Healing old wounds

A Waxeye case study

Healing old wounds
Trap Shortfilm

We're all about creativity, and that shines through in our personal projects like 'Trap' – our very first long-form animation. It was a real labor of love that took us six years to pull off, resulting in this awesome 12-minute short film.


The multi award winning 12-minute short film follows the trial adoption of 7-year-old Christine, who finds herself struggling to adapt to her new home. The couple that adopted her also faces difficulties beyond a child’s ability to comprehend. All three are trapped.


Screened at more than 130 film festivals, Trap won “Best Animation” at a number of festivals, from Germany to Mexico. It also won “Best International Animation” at the New York State International Film Festival, “Best Design” at the Khem Animation Film Festival in the USA, and “Best Director” at the New York Animation Film Awards.


The distinct aesthetic was inspired by the paintings of local New Zealand artists Michael Smithers and Rita Angus. The stylization of character and symbolism within their work resonated with Trap’s experimental ‘docu-drama’ approach to storytelling.