Waxeye Digital Media - Animation Portfolio and Case Studies

Journey through our aviation history

Motat Projection experience

In close collaboration with MOTAT's exhibitions team, mātauranga Māori advisors and artists, we embarked on an exhilarating mission: bringing Aotearoa...

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Putting Goodman on the map

Goodman animated 3D map

Goodman is a major player in commercial realty. With many property estates strategically placed close to key transport and service hubs, they approach...

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Seducing honey lovers

Comvita TVC

After successfully capturing the story of Comvita from heritage to science, we were excited to work with the team at True again to help showcase the n...

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Join the digital revolution

Digital Boost Alliance website

TUANZ is the association for the users of digital technology and connectivity. They help Kiwis make the most of the digital world. In 2021 they launch...

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Making carpet fashionable

Cavalier Bremworth TVC

Cavalier Bremworth wanted to explore the link between carpet and fashion, in order to highlight the unique features of its products. So we wrapped thr...

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Crossing cultural divides

Anchor Pacific TVC

Dow Design came to us looking for a TVC that could be rolled out across not one but 13 Pacific Island nations. Focusing on Anchor Blue as the hero pro...

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Breaking new territory

Tropical Delite TV commercial

Which other Kiwi agency can lay claim to a dairy client in … Uganda! Exactly! Celebrating this Kiwi first, we created an animated TVC and print assets...

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Bringing homes to life

James Hardie Robot TVC

Federation came to us with the fantastical tale of a house that transforms into a protective robot clad in Linea weatherboards ... a robot ready to ba...

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Making videos worth watching

Explainer videos

Let’s face it – many explainer videos can be as dull as dishwater. It’s the nature of the beast. But it doesn’t have to be that way, as we proved by c...

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Healing old wounds

Trap Shortfilm

We do what we do at the end of the day because we love creativity, which extends to personal projects like Trap – our first long-form animation. A lab...

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Celebrating milestones

Waxeye happy birthday film

Milestones can be so easily overlooked, especially in the fast-paced creative industry where it’s all deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. But hey, 10 yea...

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The Great BBQ Challenge

Hellers BBQ game challenge

Kiwis can’t get enough of snarlers in summer, so we thought we’d send them completely over the edge with a true test of their barbecuing skills. We wa...

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Promoting Kiwi innovation

NZTE UpStarters launch

The UpStarters was established to form a compelling, consistent and coherent way of promoting New Zealand's tech innovation capabilities international...

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VNZMA 2013

NZ Music Awards 2013

The graphics package for the 2012 Vodafone NZ Music Awards went down so well that we couldn’t wait to start work on the ambient imagery, party visuals...

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VNZMA 2012

NZ Music Awards 2012

Everyone loves rock ‘n’ roll, so we were excited when we got a call to get involved with the VNZMAs. The brief was to create beautifully lit filmic im...

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Cocktails anyone?

Hellers Cocktails TVC

Who doesn’t love a little sausage dog, especially one covered in tomato sauce? With a new line of Hellers sausages on the way, we were called on to di...

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